Building in Fulton Market district would use green building standard

An artist's rendering features a proposed green office building at 310 N. Sangamon St. in the Fulton Market district.

An office building in the planning stages for Chicago’s Fulton Market district will use a rarely used environmentally friendly building standard.

Mark Goodman & Associates’ 268,000-square-foot building would be built using Passive House standards – more than 75 percent more energy efficient than other types of new construction.

An article in The Chicago Tribune said if construction moves forward, it will be the largest office building in the United States built to those energy standards and only the second such building in the country.

These buildings are airtight with heavy insulation which supposedly traps air-conditioned or heated air for a longer span reducing the need for energy.

“I think we’re at the inception where energy and environmental is going to be a major part of buildings that are built,” Mark Goodman said. “We’re going to see a lot more of this.”

The building, designed by architecture firm SCB, still needs approval for zoning. The developer has a deal to buy the site pending city approval of the development Plans will be presented to neighbors. A public meeting has not yet been scheduled.


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