Award-winning BIM/Contech company opens office in Chicago


Dalux, recognized as one of the world’s fastest growing BIM/Contech companies, has opened their first North American office in the Windy City to introduce a cool, simple to use alternative to the traditional Contech software.

A location known for having progressive contractors coupled with the increasing use of BIM and digital technologies within construction, makes Chicago the perfect place for Dalux to introduce both their product and their customer-centric approach to the US market.

“We provide a local service for the area’s contractors and industry professionals – no matter their size. Dalux can be implemented with minimal training and no expensive hardware requirements, meaning organizations with a small, or even no, BIM department can take advantage of the system.” Says Julianna Kovacs, Customer Success Manager of Dalux, a Chicago native.

Dalux has risen to prominence with their in-house developed BIM visualization technology. This technology was the first to ever show a BIM model on an iPad (launched at AU 2011) and is built on being simple to use and can work on Android and iOS devices. Now the viewer can show 600+ BIM models on a mobile device without any slowdown and makes it simple and easy to view 2D content in a 3D context, even allowing users to experience augmented reality (AR) with TwinBIM.

dalux imageDalux provides a version of their software for free called Field Basic, allowing the whole project team to experience the simplicity of managing punch-lists and issues through their mobile devices. If, however, the project team wants to have a better way of commenting on design, the BIM Viewer is available – also for free.

“We’re excited to be opening this office” said Malthe Slemming, Vice President at Dalux “and showing Chicago that you can have BIM software that is simple and easy to use, regardless of whether you’re standing on-site in a muddy hole in the howling wind or in the office getting to grips with the consultant’s design.”

About Dalux

Founded in Denmark in 2005 by two brothers, Torben and Bent, the company focuses on making the complex construction process simple. By providing all parties the ability to view 2D content in context with the 3D BIM models, without the need for expensive equipment, engagement can be guaranteed with the whole Supply Chain.

With over 700,000 users globally, and 100,000 photos uploaded into the system by the users every day Dalux can scale to meet the needs of both the individual project and the overall organization.

To find out more, please contact Julianna Kovacs –

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