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Editor’s column – Mark Buckshon, President Construction News and Report Group of Companies

The Christmas holiday season is approaching, and for me, it will be a truly different experience. Our university age son has many friends in Israel, and we’ve decided to visit over the holidays, so I’ll be in Jerusalem on Dec. 25.

Of course, in Israel, Christmas Day is both an important event and a regular business day, depending on your religion (and the three major monotheistic religions consider Jerusalem to be a holy city.)

Mark Buckshon
Mark Buckshon

My wife, who had originally proposed the trip, decided that she couldn’t take it until some orthopedic surgery is completed. Eric will likely be visiting with friends that day. So I’ll be alone, presumably allowing me some time for exploration, reflection, and intensive culture shock.

In some ways, this will be the perfect setting to review the year and contemplate the future. In many respects, much has changed in the industry over the past several years and decades – and yet much remains the same.

We’ve experienced business cycles, including some nasty bust as well as boom times. We’ve seen new building materials, codes  and techniques, notably with a trend to increased sustainability and energy efficiency. There are labour shortages, or unemployment, or both (depending on where you are). And there are controversies, political challenges and competing interests – yet the participants reflecting the various “sides” to each story still need to work together.

I can’t predict where we will be at the end of 2016, but maybe, as I wander around the streets of the Holy City, I’ll capture an epiphany and see a bright light into the future. My sense is that it will be a very good year, based on fairness, respect, innovation, creativity and sometimes, hard work.

Hopefully, you will also enjoy a meaningful, happy and refreshing holiday season. We’ll get down to work again in the New Year.

Mark Buckshon is president of the Construction News and Report Group of Companies and publishes a daily blog at He can be reached by email at or by phone at 1-888-627-8717 ext. 224.


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