Upside Foods cancels plan for new facility in Glenview


Chicago Construction News staff writer

Upside Foods has shelved its plan to build a new facility in Glenview and will instead expand the company’s existing site in Emeryville, California.

The decision to cancel the project and instead invest in the Emeryville facility is a response to the current financial landscape  and Upside Foods emphasizes that this shift does not signify a step back but rather a “strategic repositioning to ensure the company’s sustainable growth”.

In September 2023, the company announced its plans to open a large cultivated-meat plant in Glenview, Illinois. The 187,000-sq. ft. plant was slated to have an initial capacity of millions of pounds of bioreactor-brewed meat per year.

Uma Valeti, CEO of Upside Foods, says the change in plans is also laying the groundwork for future expansion, including the eventual establishment of a full-scale commercial facility.


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