New 27-story rental apartment will be Evanston’s tallest tower

Evanston tall building

Vermilion Development has proposed  a 27-story rental apartment building with 217 units and 176 parking spaces in Evanston, a project that will become the community’s tallest structure.

The building will be on the north side of Davis St., between Chicago and Orrington Ave.

Evanston’s community development director Mark Muenzer says the plan calls for preserving the landmark two-story University Building on the corner. The construction site includes the vacant lot just west of the University Building and the Chase Bank drive-thru to the west of that.

Vermilion’s website indicates the company has worked on a variety of residential and retail projects in neighborhoods adjacent to university campuses.

Muenzer says the proposal seeks several planned development allowances including for height, floor-area-ratio, number of dwelling units and the amount of parking provided. It will require a super-majority vote by the City Council to win approval.

According to, the lowest floors of the proposed building call for a rather featureless parking podium which would then be topped with residential floors in a tower setback towards the northern property line. The setback on the podium roof would allow for an amenity deck and outdoor pool with southern exposure. Access for the building’s parking garage would be from the adjacent alley as well, with all vehicles entering an internal ramp positioned at the northwest corner of the site.

The neighboring 22-story Chase Bank tower is Evanston’s tallest building, which stands at 277 feet. The next tallest building, the-25 story Sherman Plaza just to the west, is also nearly the same exact height, topping out at just above 276 feet.


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