NCH plans to open rehab unit in its main building

NCH hospital

Northwest Community Healthcare (NCH) plans to establish a 17-bed inpatient physical rehabilitation unit in its main Arlington Heights location, following the Illinois Health Facilities and Services Review Board’s approval on Aug. 27. This will enable patients to have faster access to rehab without facing the stress of leaving NCH.

NCH CEO Steve Scogna explained in the release that “The new unit will create a continuum of care for NCH patients who require inpatient rehabilitation. The rehab unit will help improve efficiencies in patient length-of-stay and result in lower readmission levels.”

The $3 million project will span the entire third floor of the original building on the NCH campus, 800 W. Central Rd., reports Plans for the unit include a physical and occupational therapy gym, an activity day room, and private patient recovery rooms. Completion of the project is expected by early 2015.

Most of the patients recommended by NCH doctors for inpatient rehabilitation in 2013 have to stay longer in NCH either for a bed to be available or for the transfer process to be completed.

NCH will partner with RehabCare, which have more than 100 inpatient rehab units in the U.S., to provide more undisrupted and improved care for patients.


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