Henry Hill acquires and renames Mack Construction as Lenox Hill Construction

lennox hillconstruction
Mack Construction, has been renamed to Lenox Hill Construction (PRNewsFoto/Lenox Hill Construction)

One of Chicago’s major commercial construction and development enterprises, Mack Construction, has been purchased by Henry Hill and renamed Lenox Hill Construction. Hill is a longtime Chicago-area builder and developer and was previously the owner of Marion Hill Company.

“Following in the footsteps of my father and grandfather in the development and creation of an industry-leading construction business has been a lifelong goal of mine,” said Hill. “With the purchase, ownership and development of Lenox Hill Construction, I am fulfilling a longtime desire to create an extraordinary construction business based on integrity, honor and hard work.”

Hill started in the construction business as a young man, under the instruction of his father Robert Wisniewski and his grandfather Marion Hill, both Chicago builders. Both men urged Hill to pursue a degree in engineering and then start a business based on his education, construction knowledge and business sense. From 1997 on, Hill has created several construction and development businesses starting with residential, moving into non-residential and then finally developing and owning commercial construction enterprises.

“I am a Chicago native and like my father and grandfather before me I am a huge believer in providing the highest-quality services possible,” Hill said in a news release. “One of the ways I can do that is by offering a top-notch team to my community. Each of my executive staff members have at least 12 years of experience with my businesses and I think they are by far one of the best building teams available in our area.”

Lenox Hill Construction can be engaged as a general contractor, managing every aspect of a building project from concept through completion, or on a construction project management basis, coordinating a project’s processes with vendors, subcontractors and other workers. Each job’s scope and price point can be customized to each client’s specific needs. Lenox Hill also provides complete design/build services, preconstruction development services and facility maintenance.


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