Chicago Household Services LLC shows how post-construction COVID-19 clean-up should be done

Deep cleaning at Blink Fitness
Deep cleaning at Blink Fitness
As businesses and construction sites gear up to reopen in the COVID-19 pandemic, Chicago Household Services LLC is showing how things need to be done, with these images showing the work in progress ,with the cleaning company’s employees wearing appropriate protective gear.
Among projects: Blink Fitness in Chicago, as well as Sullivan’s restaurant and Starbucks.
sullivans cleanup
The gear needed to properly and safely disinfect construction sites and businesses
“We did a COVID-19 preventative disinfecting service at Sullivan’s restaurant to get the business back in order,” a company representative said in an email to CCN. “We cleaned all the bathrooms, all dinning areas, chairs, tables, kitchen areas, food prep areas and bars.
“The place was disinfected, bombed and fogged.”

Chicago Deep Cleaning Experts also has done Post Construction Cleaning for new Starbucks locations in Illinois including one at 395 S. Bolinbrook Dr.

“We do a deep dust removal service, cleaning all common areas, as well  as a wipe down and dust removal at all work areas and stations,” the spokesperson wrote.  The company also cleaned and wiped down all tables and chairs, and cleaned the store’s windows inside and out
“We are contracted out to make sure the location is dust free, clean, and ready for business.”



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