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Welcome to the first issue of Chicago Construction News. You may have seen us online at Chicagoconstructionnews.com where we’ve been publishing regular content since last June. During the past year, I’ve been connecting with Chicagoland’s architecture, engineering, and construction community, listening to your stories and developing an understanding of the news you want to read.

Selecting a theme for our first issue seemed a challenging feat at first. These are exciting times for the industry, with construction booming across Chicagoland and so many hot topics to discuss, from new technology changing the way companies are operating to green building to labor scarcity concerns. But ask any member of this community what is of utmost importance and they will tell you it’s ensuring that every employee, every contractor, every colleague comes home safe to their family every night. Safety is a unifying priority for nearly every company in this industry.

In this issue, we shine the spotlight on safety, with coverage that includes the Chicagoland-wide Builders Association Safety Stand Down and the National Fire Protection Association’s recent expo. We also take a closer look at the safety programs of some of Chicago’s top companies, including the Hill Group, F.E. Moran, and United States Alliance Fire Protection, and hear from their safety directors firsthand about their methods for maintaining and improving their already award-winning safety programs and records.

It’s appropriate that the first story we have chosen to tell is one about where we as an industry have been. Chicago’s rich construction history could fill volumes, so our coverage of “We Built Chicago”, an event held as part of the 5th International Congress on Construction History only scratches the surface, but acquaints us with some of the innovations and families who have helped shape the industry. Reflecting on the most significant advancements over the past century, Bruce Lake, president of James McHugh Construction Company, observed: “We are so much safer than when I came into the business. We are so much safer than our forefathers.” Read on for more on how the industry continues to work to make us all safer every day.

I hope you enjoy your first issue of Chicago Construction News as much as I enjoyed putting it together, and that you will continue to follow us as we work to get your news out. I invite you to share your stories, experiences and projects for an article in an upcoming issue.

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